Mirjana’s New Book

 Mirjana is excited to announce that her auto-biography, titled MY HEART WILL TRIUMPH, is complete and will be released on August 15, 2016.

Book by MirjanaThe English version, which will come first, can now be pre-ordered on CatholicShop.com. Versions in Croatian, Italian, Spanish, and other languages will follow.

The 270-page book written by Mirjana tells her entire life story, from the time she was a little girl to the present day. She gives an unprecedented look at the events of Medjugorje, including the many persecutions she endured in the early days of the apparitions. And, as the title suggests, Mirjana’s book reiterates Our Lady’s promise that, in the end, her heart will triumph.

Take a journey into the world of faith and miracles with MY HEART WILL TRIUMPH.

To be notified about the book’s August release, you can:

Mirjana is praying that her story will reach many non-believers (or, as Our Lady calls them, “those who not feel the love of God yet”).

10 thoughts on “Mirjana’s New Book

  1. In 2012, our daughter Jennifer, who was already battling Stage 2 breast cancer, felt drawn to make the almost impossible trip to Medijugorie, snd she did. The events she witnessed & experiences she had changed her forever. I knew when she returned she was Blessed. She saw Mirjana meet the Virgin Mary. She received a healing from one of the other children. We lost Jennifer January 8, 2016. She was 44. She left a husband of 24 years & 10 year old daughter, Ella, sister, Kim & we, her parents. There were hundreds of people at her visitation & funeral, a testament to the kind of person she was, kind, compassionate, faith-filled. We believe she rests in the arms of Jesus. We believe Medijugorie prepared her for her journey. We miss her.

    1. Muy buena reflexión!!!!!y me siento muy identificada con la siguientes lieneas de tu historia… La paciente cronica, que día a día lucha con una enfermedad silenciosa que pocos saben que está ahí y que en algunos casos eso de verte tan normal es coocaipldm…Un abrazo!!!!!!!!!!y que Dios te de muchos años màs de remisión

  2. I am so excited about your book!! We stayed with you last October and love you and everything about Medgugorje!! I treasure the pictures I have of us ! I also treasure all our memories and experiences the two times I have been lucky enough to have been called to Medjugorje! God bless you and the other visionaries that have been through so much and carry on tirelessly for our Blessed Mother and her precious son, Jesus!! Love and hugs, Kathy Jackson , Wisconsin USA

  3. In humble thankfulness for sharing your beautiful story with the world. My parents visited Medjugorje in1987.
    They gave me a statue of our gospa which sits on my families mantle, wrapping us under her mantle of protect-
    Ion. My prayer is that my family will one day share the peace and beauty of Medjugorie in person. Until then
    we will do our best to live our Mother’s request by prayer, fasting, and confession. Blessings Marjana

  4. Bought the book in Medjugorje and returned from there and Fatima two weeks ago, Nov 2017. It took me a day and a half to read – well written, informative and captivating. My heart was so overwhelmed at all I had read I have purchased 7 more books for my friends. They are out of stock right now but will be sent to me when they come in. The idea of 25 MORE confessionals located behind St. James Church and priests in all different languages pushes the severe need for repentance. Think about it – of all things – CONFESSIONALS!

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