Preview of new book by Mirjana Soldo

We’re excited to present the first page of Mirjana’s 378-page auto-biography, My Heart Will Triumph.



My name is Mirjana. I’ve experienced visions of the Virgin Mary for more than 35 years. I cannot say it more directly than that.

I understand that it might be difficult to imagine such a thing happening in modern times. Even to some believers, miracles are things of the past. But I doubt that anyone was more shocked than I was when it all began. I did not even know such things could take place, especially in Međugorje, a small village in former Yugoslavia.

You should know that I’ve been tested by doctors and scientists from all over the world, and they all agree on one thing: I am perfectly normal. I even have that in writing.

So, before you question my mental health, with a smile on my face I simply ask: Do you have an official document validating your sanity?

I did not write this to persuade you to believe me. I am just a messenger, and I wish to share my story with the hope that it might bring some comfort to a world in which peace is becoming increasingly scarce.

Saying that my life changed on the afternoon of June 24, 1981 hardly conveys the gravity of what transpired.

Until that day, I lived under the heavy hand of communism and stomached the many aggravations that went along with it, but the worst suffering began after I and five other children experienced something extraordinary.

What we saw radically changed us, our families, and millions of people around the world, but it also provoked the wrath of the Yugoslav regime. Fearing that my testimony was a threat to their rule, the communists declared me an enemy of the state when I was just 16 years old.

Perhaps their fears were warranted, because I had come to know something far greater than the communist government—far greater, in fact, than anything on Earth…

I had come to know God’s love.





12 thoughts on “Preview of new book by Mirjana Soldo

  1. What an amazing book it is!!!!! am so excited about it and pray that i get a copy with God’s Grace. am in Kampala in Uganda.

  2. Great to see other people have visions and encouter with supernatural events and dare to speak about it. Bless her heart. Just as Bernadette Soubirous was a medium to give messages and saw light, many will follow. Brave to speak up for God. There is so much more we all witness , i understand how important this is god bless her

  3. Prayers of thanksgiving to our gracious Lord and His Holy Mother for this beautiful work through Mirjana. Looking forward to reading this new book and sharing Mirjana’s story with others! May nothing delay its distribution!

  4. I received my book 3 days ago! It’s hard to put down and I keep flipping ahead even though I know the “Medjugorje story” there are all these new things Mirjana tells us in her biography that we never knew! She goes into vivid detail regarding that first and second day and the weeks after! I’m soaking up every word!

  5. I read a lot of Medjugorje books about 10 years ago and even got some of Sean’s videos. Although I have continued to follow Medjugorje with a lot of interest and enthusiasm online, I havent read many books over the last 10 years. I re-read Queen of the Cosmos recently and wouldnt mind reading this book too. If anyone has any good books from the last 5 years they can recommend please let me know. Thanks!

  6. Have just read My Heart Will Triumph. It is inspirational and makes you think and also about our own catholic faith. My wife and myself are now talking about a trip to Marjorie. Many thanks to Mirjana Soldo for the book and everything else she and the other visionaries have done for us all.

  7. I was in Medjugorje this February, just before the pandemic arrived in Europe. Unfortunately, I did not get to visit Apparition Hill nor the cross. My sister and I were able to visit evening mass when we arrived and morning mass when we departed. This is why I will have to return. Ever since the first apparition, it was my wish to visit Medjugorje, but with four children to bring up, and in latter years, a sick husband to care for, I only managed it this year as a widow. I am now reading the book a second time, as there is so much love for Our Lady expressed in it and sufficient warnings for mankind to accept the faith in their lives.

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